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Our Varicose Vein Treatments

    Endoscopic varicose vein removal

  • The treatment that you receive is an all-in-one gentle vein treatment where all the treatments are carried out in one procedure.
  • The treatments that are used are the latest and the best available and, unlike more common and older techniques, DO NOT leave scarring or cause pigmentation damage.
  • The treatment is done under ultrasound control (at no extra cost) so that everything is monitored very closely to ensure that there is no damage to surrounding tissue.
  • All unsightly veins are removed – not one or two but all.
  • All insufficient perforating veins are removed.
  • All insufficient main veins, such as the Great Saphenous and Small Saphenous vein are removed from one or both legs as necessary.
  • All spider and thread veins are removed by steam or laser which prevents scarring or pigmentation damage.
  • No further treatments are needed in most cases.

Before & After varicose vein treatment


Dr Netzer uses the best and most up to date highly developed techniques that avoid scarring, pigmentation and damage to surrounding tissues:

Ablation therapy that uses radio frequency (e.g. VNUS Closure™ as well as CELON® treatment). This gentle treatment involves inserting a temperature regulated catheter into the vein which is controlled by a computer and is highly accurate.

Hot steam therapy injections (Steam Vein Sclerosis, SVS for short). This treatment involves treating the veins with tiny amounts of hot steam, via a catheter. The surrounding veins are not affected. The destroyed veins are then absorbed by the body.

Laser treatment of varicose veinsThe laser treatment of spider veins (Neodym-YAG-Laser). Spider veins are removed without causing damage. A small bruise may show which is absorbed within a few days

Endoscopic varicose vein removal and minimally-invasive vein removal surgery. This involves making a small incision on the inside of the upper thigh and inserting a tiny endoscope to free the affected vein from the surrounding collagen. This is minimally invasive which allows for a speedy recovery after the procedure.

Gentle suction removal of lipedema. This is a disorder of the adipose tissue that causes excess increase of adipose tissue at the extremities (most commonly legs). It is most common in young women. The symptoms are often connected to venous diseases so during treatment veins are sanitized and then, if necessary, gentle liposuction of the adipose tissue should take place. (Sometimes both treatments can be carried out during the same treatment). This allows patients to be helped on a long-term basis.

He DOES NOT use phlebectomy or ELVA treatments as these can cause scarring, pigmentation damage and damage to surrounding tissues.

Using the combination of therapies in one treatment, the following complications are able to be treated in a single step:

– Very severely coiled veins

– All of the side branches of the deep veins

– All newly appearing veins (relapses)

– All types of afflicted linking veins (perforans veins)

With this combination, it is not necessary to incise or damage any surrounding areas. Dr Netzer is a leading expert in the treatment of varicose veins and highly sought after in Europe for his expertise and training for other surgeons in his minimally invasive techniques. Unlike other treatments, there is no scarring or pigmentation damage and the procedure has little or no downtime at best.

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