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Male Breast Reduction

At our practice in London, male breast reduction is a common procedure for men to correct “man boobs.” The surgical technique is also referred to as male chest Reduction or Gynecomastia surgery and is a plastic surgery operation designed to remove the abnormal fat and, or breast tissue, commonly called Moobs or ‘Man Boobs’, to achieve a more natural male appearance of the chest. VASER Liposelection provides the most up-to-date procedure for a natural result.

Male Chest Reduction Surgery from London Bridge Plastic Surgery

Male chest reduction, or male Breast reduction, is performed to reduce the size of the abnormal breast development to normal. Gynaecomastia surgery is carried out to improve body shape and self-image enabling you to wear the clothes you want. Male Chest Reduction is performed to restore a more natural male appearance to the chest.

Male Breast development, Gynaecomastia either true breast tissue or fat deposition, is common during puberty. However, this physiological gynaecomastia usually resolves in the majority of young men. Approximately 10% of young men have persistence of the breast development, and this can cause significant psychological problems. Rarely, Male breast development, Gynaecomastia results from tumours of the breast or abnormal hormonal production from other tumours. These will need to be excluded prior to any treatment for gynaecomastia, blood tests and Ultrasound scans may be required.

Male Chest Reduction, Gynaecomastia surgery will involve liposuction (PAL), or VASER and surgical excision; minimal incision glandular excision – MIGE. The type of gynaecomastia surgery procedure required to achieve the best result will depend on the amount of fat deposit and breast tissue present. Rarely is it necessary to remove the skin from the breast, therefore scarring should be minimal. With large Male Breast enlargement, a 2 stage gynaecomastia surgery may be recommended. A careful assessment will be required and the optimum gynaecomastia surgery will be discussed at the time of your Consultation.
Remember gynaecomastia surgery will not change you or solve any life crises but should boost your self-confidence and enjoyment of life.

Male Breast Reduction
  • What is Male Chest Reduction, Gynaecomastia Surgery?
    Gynaecomastia is commonly a development of breast tissue which will normally contain some glandular tissue along with fatty tissue, surgery to correct this condition aims to remove the excess fat together with the glandular tissue. The goal of surgery is the restore a normal male chest with the minimum of scarring.
    A combination of Liposuction, PAL liposuction, and minimal incision glandular excision MIGE, is employed.
  • What are the benefits of Male Chest Reduction surgery in London?
    The removal of breast tissue and fatty tissue in Gynaecomastia restores a normal male chest appearance, which will enable the patient to wear normal clothing, go swimming or expose the chest without the embarrassment associated with Man Boobs. This result can restore self-confidence and boost self-esteem.
  • Am I the ideal patient for Male Chest Reduction, Gynaecomastia Surgery?
    If you would like to improve your chest to achieve a normal male chest appearance, then our London Gynaecomastia surgery is right for you. You should be carefully assessed at the time of your consultation to ensure that your Male Chest development is not as a result of any pathological condition/disease. Blood tests and Ultrasound scans may be required before surgery is planned. You should be close to your ideal body weight and not smoking before your surgery.
  • Does Male Breast Reduction Surgery require a general anaesthetic or hospitalisation?
    Gynaecomastia surgery is performed under general anaesthetic, commonly as a day-case procedure.
  • How long is the Male Chest Reduction Surgery?
    Male Chest Reduction Surgery normally takes approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours to perform depending on the complexity of the surgery.
  • What about the scars following Gynaecomastia Surgery?
    The incisions are placed within the areola and on the side of the chest and are therefore fairly inconspicuous. These incisions heal well in 10 – 14 days. The scars continue to mature for up to 12 months.
  • Will a special garment be required after Male Chest Reduction Surgery?
    A firm lycra support garment is fitted at the end of surgery to help control swelling and reduce movement post-operatively. This should be worn day and night for the first 3 weeks and then during the day for up to 3 weeks.
  • Can Gynaecomastia Surgery be performed at the same time as other procedures?
    Yes, Male Chest Reduction is commonly performed together with Liposuction for love handles or abdomen. Other procedures which are commonly combined with Male Chest Reduction, include, Rhinoplasty, Chin Augmentation and Eyelid Surgery. What is appropriate and safe for you to combine will depend on your Medical Health, your goals and the individual procedures.
  • What reassurance do I have with Male Breast Reduction Surgery, Gynaecomastia Surgery?
    At LBPS, we understand that your decision to have Gynaecomastia Surgery can be a daunting and anxious time for you. Our aim is to fully understand your concerns and desires, and assess your thoroughly, before agreeing on a treatment plan which is in your best interest. If for any reason you are unsuitable for Gynaecomastia Surgery, you will be advised against this form of surgery. We will provide you with all the information you need and support before, during, and after your surgery.
  • How long is the recovery time?
    Mild pain/discomfort is expected for 3 – 5 days. Patients can go back to their normal daily activities after 1 week, but avoid strenuous exercise/activity for 6 weeks including any contact sports.
  • What about the results of Male Chest Reduction Surgery?
    The results are first and foremost natural. The goals of Gynaecomastia surgery are to restore an aesthetically pleasing, natural male chest shape which looks natural and does not appear abnormal. Remember it can take 6 weeks to 3 months for the final result to be achieved.
  • What are the risks of Male Chest Reduction Surgery?
    Common to all surgical procedures there are always risks associated with surgery. However, complications are uncommon. Bruising can occur and may take 2 weeks to resolve, while major bleeding is rare. Infection is infrequent (less than 0.5%) and will require a course of appropriate antibiotics. Some altered sensation around the chest is expected and will commonly return to normal between 6 to 12 weeks after surgery. Seroma (fluid collection) may occur which will require drainage (aspiration) at your follow-up visit. Irregularity may occur and further excision or liposuction may be necessary to improve the appearance
  • How long do the results last?
    The results of Gynaecomastia surgery are permanent. However, some re-growth of breast tissue may occur in the future if new medication is started or with reduced testosterone levels with aging.
  • Is there an alternative to a Gynaecomastia Surgery?
    At this time Non Surgical alternatives to surgery for Male Chest Development are limited. An ultrasound scan of the chest will aid the decision on this option.
  • What is the cost of Gynaecomastia Surgery in London?
    The cost of Gynaecomastia Surgery in London starts from £5700 which will vary depending on your individual case, and includes your pre-operative and post-operative care. You will be provided with a detailed quotation following your Consultation. Please read more about our Fees at LBPS

Male Chest Reduction, Gynaecomastia Surgery – Operation Summary
Before Your Surgery

  • Types of Male Breast enlargement – Gynaecomastia- Either fat or breast development, commonly combined.
  • Weight – Should be close to ideal weight in order to achieve the optimal result. – May require to diet before your gynaecomastia surgery.
  • Smoking – Essential to stop at least 3 weeks before gynaecomastia surgery and until the wounds are fully healed or at least 2 weeks after.
  • Drugs – Avoid Aspirin/Ibuprofen type analgesics for 3 weeks before and after your gynaecomastia surgery.
  • Important – It May be necessary to rule out pathological causes Gynaecomastia.

Your Male Chest Reduction Surgery

  • Scar – Around nipple lower 1/2 circumference, and/or stab for liposuction at the time of your Gynaecomastia surgery.
  • Sutures – Dissolving, buried are used during your Gynaecomastia surgery – no sutures need to be removed.
  • Dressing – Waterproof dressings are underneath a bulky dressing. You will wear a support garment day and night for 3 weeks and then during the day for a further 3 weeks following your Gynaecomastia surgery.

After Your Surgery

  • Garment – Firm lycra garment worn for 6 weeks following your Gynaecomastia surgery.
  • Exercise – Avoid vigorous exercise for 6 weeks following your Gynaecomastia surgery. – Avoid heavy lifting, including shopping bags and babies.
  • Swelling – Moderate expected, resolves in 3 – 6 weeks.

Potential problems / Risks

  • Pain – Moderate discomfort expected after your Gynaecomastia surgery. Avoid aspirin/ibuprofen analgesics that can increase bruising.
  • Bruising – Common, may last for 2 to 3 weeks following your Gynaecomastia surgery.
  • Wound – Occasional mild infection – Very rarely, serious infection or haematoma (blood collection) requiring drainage following your Gynaecomastia surgery.
  • Seroma- Fluid collection under the skin, may require drainage (aspiration) at your follow-up visit.
  • Numbness – Nipple sensation diminished post-operatively but usually improves after 6 weeks to 3 months following your Gynaecomastia surgery.
  • Skin numbness is common but sensation usually returns after 3 – 6 weeks.
  • Scars – Rarely thickened/hypertrophic, may cause tethering to the underlying pectoral muscle.

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While gynaecomastia can be an embarrassing issue, there is an answer. If you’re interested in getting male breast reduction surgery in London, contact our office today to schedule a consultation. During your appointment, Dr. Inglefiled will be able to answer questions and provide his expert recommendations.

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