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Cost FAQ’s

  • Do I need to be referred by my GP?
    It is not necessary to obtain a referral from your GP. However, if you are on good terms with your GP, he/she is very likely to be happy to refer you to a Plastic, Cosmetic Surgeon who is registered on the Specialist List of the UK General Medical Council.

    The General Medical Council advises that your GP should be kept informed of ALL medical treatment that you undergo, and we strongly support this view. Call GMC Specialist Register on 0845 357 8001.

  • Can I be reassured?
    I don’t want to look unnatural or “plastic”. I don’t want colleagues to know that I have had surgery.

    The goals of Plastic, Cosmetic Surgery are always determined jointly between you, the patient and your surgeon at the initial consultation. It is very important to make clear your requirements at the time of your consultation.

    Bad Plastic Surgery is easily recognisable, as instead of enhancing the features, it invariably detracts from them. No one wants to be the victim of bad Plastic Surgery. The really good result should attract comments such as ” You look really good! Have you been on holiday? or Have you changed your hair style?”

    Mr Inglefield’s surgical expertise is in providing you with improvement in your feature(s) in a natural and aesthetically pleasing result that brings you within a broad range of average or normal.

  • Who will perform my Plastic, Cosmetic Surgery?
    Unlike many Clinics, once you attend for a consultation with Mr Inglefield and agree to proceed with a specific treatment, rest assured that your treatment will be carried out by the Surgeon. On occasion we may have Plastic Surgeons in training or other associates or Health Professionals, assisting them with your treatment.
  • What happens if something goes wrong or if I am not happy with the results?
    Firstly,common to all surgical procedures is an inherent risk of complications despite the highest standard of care. The majority of complications are either uncommon ( < 5 % ) or rare ( < 1 % ), however, it is essential that before you agree to undergo any surgery or treatment that you ask about and fully understand the risks and side-effects of the procedure. Reputable surgeons will always emphasise the risks and side effects and never provide guarantees.

    However, if you are unfortunate enough to develop a significant complication, Mr Inglefield would carry out any further surgery to ameliorate this, at no additional surgical fee to you, the patient. (Hospital and Anaesthetist Fees may apply).

    Secondly, in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with the results of your surgery, and following a suitable time for healing, resolution, maturation and settling, the result is not what was hoped for by both patient and surgeon and providing that any further surgery is likely to produce significant improvement then further surgery/treatment will be provided with no additional surgeon’s fee up to the first year following the original procedure. (Hospital and Anaesthetist Fees will apply).

    However, Mr Inglefield is unlikely to waive his fee if any of the following pertain

    • The patient ignored the post-operative instructions.
    • The patient failed to attend for the agreed post-operative examinations.
    • The patient sustained physical injury out of our control.


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Mr. Christopher Inglefield

Mr. Christopher Inglefield BSc, MBBS, FRCS(Plast) was born in Trinidad, West Indies, and obtained his Medical Degree from the University of the West Indies in Jamaica and Trinidad in 1985.

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