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Costs of Varicose Veins Treatment

Varicose vein costAt LBPS Vein Institute, we are proud to offer a service of the highest professional level, led by our specialist Dr Florian Netzer. We offer a comprehensive pre and post-operative care system whereby each patient is treated as an individual, and the treatment received is tailored to your individual diagnosis. Venous conditions are often complex and require in depth analysis and planning in order to create a treatment programme that best suits the patient.

Varicose vein treatment costs reflect the expertise and experience over 25 years in over 29000 procedures by Dr Florian Netzer, who is world renowned as a specialist in venous diseases and who has pioneered new and highly effective treatment combinations that are unique to him. He is the most experienced surgeon in Europe for catheter treatments and has published numerous scientific publications in this field. He is the editor of the first ever textbook about catheter treatments for venous diseases.

Patients are treated using modern, state of the art equipment in a dedicated room within the LBPS Vein Institute. Surgical treatment is carried out in one of our carefully selected hospitals where the level of expertise, cleanliness and extremely high levels of professional care are second to none.

Treatment of individual patients varies in complexity and you will be provided with a full written quotation following your Consultation appointment. For further terms and conditions of payment, please ask our team who will be happy to assist you.

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