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Get Your Summer Body Ready

Summer plastic surgery treatments at LBPS

The thought of escaping to the beach to relax and recharge can sometimes be dampened by a fear of exposing our bodies. However, at LBPS we have a range of technologies and treatments that can prepare you for the summer, helping you to enjoy and relax and help you achieve that summer body you want.


Smooth, hair free legs, underarms and bikini line are the first step to achieving your beach body. Using the best and latest pain free hair removal laser, Soprano, hair reduction can be achieved quickly and easily.


Excess fat can be difficult to remove and sometimes extra help may be needed. Vaser Liposuction can remove fat and reshape areas of the body that need help. Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck can help saggy lax skin that may have occurred after weight loss or pregnancy. Remember that surgical options need recovery time, so if you are thinking about surgical body sculpting, it is important to ask at your consultation to ensure that you have enough time for the optimum result before a big event or holiday.

If you prefer non surgical options, combined Velashape treatments are the ideal way to reduce pockets of fat that diet and exercise cannot help. Pain free and with no downtime, results are achieved over a treatment course, so prepare early to be body confident for the beach.

Varicose veins can often be hidden in the winter, but these unsightly and often painful veins can cause health problems and reduce confidence. Dr Florian Netzer has spent his career in the pursuit of the best ways to remove these veins and his unique, pain free, no downtime treatments are world renowned. A detailed, ultrasound guided consultation can determine exactly what treatment is needed to remove the troubling veins.


Shapely and full buttocks are often desired for the ideal beach body. A Brazilian buttock lift using autologous fat transfer, or a Buttock enhancement with implants, where appropriate, can enhance the buttocks and create a curved, enhanced physique.

Breast augmentation can also help create feminine curves and add volume where it has been lost. Various shapes and sizes of implants can be used to help create the desired shape. The expertise of the surgeons at LBPS is second to none and their years of experience means that you can be guided as to what is best for your shape and size.


If you suffer from excessive sweating, hot and humid days may be more a nightmare than a dream. Our hyperhidrosis treatment, which utilises a supersonic saline jet to deliver botulinum toxin, is a pain free and highly effective way to reduce excessive sweating.

Good nutrition is a cornerstone of achieving and retaining an ideal weight, as well as helping prepare the skin for exposure to the sun’s rays. It can also help to balance hormones which can play a part in weight maintenance.


The warnings are everywhere, but when it comes to protecting our skin from the harmful rays of the sun, we can often be forgetful. Let one of our highly trained aesthetic nurses guide you through a Visia Skin Analysis to show you in detail what your skin needs and how to protect it. Treatments to prepare the skin, and products to protect can be advised, and a personalised programme can be diagnosed.

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