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Mid Face Lift Surgery

The midface relates to the area of the cheek between the eye and corner of the mouth. One of the earliest signs of facial aging is sagging of the cheeks or loss of fullness. This is seen with increasing distance from the lower eyelid to the cheek, tear trough and malar trough, and loss of the youthful curve of the cheek, Ogee curve. Some jowls and deepening of the nose to mouth (nasolabial) lines also appear.

Mid Face Lift from London Bridge Plastic Surgery

This aging of the cheek is the result of a combination of several areas of loss, from loss of skin elasticity, loss of volume of the skin, to loss of fat and muscles contributing to sagging and flattening of the cheeks. The major goal of MidFace Rejuvenation using the MidFace Lift is to restore the youthful appearance of the cheek by repositioning the soft tissues to produce a natural fullness and curve. This is commonly referred to as the ‘Ogee Curve.’ The ENDOTINE – MidFace lift provides a safe, effective MidFace / Cheek Lift with no visible scars making it an ideal rejuvenation procedure for the patient who wishes to avoid a Face lift.

Mid Face Lift FAQ’s
  • What is Mid Face Lift, Plastic Surgery?
    The MidFace Lift, ENDOTINE MidFace Lift, Cheek Lift is a Plastic surgery procedure designed to restore the youthful appearance of the cheeks, midface by lifting the soft tissues of the face and fixing these using the absorbable ENDOTINE MidFace device or ENDOTINE Ribbon, until natural healing occurs to permanently secure the soft tissues in the desired position.
  • Who is suitable for Endotine Lift, Plastic Surgery Cheek Lift?
    The ENDOTINE MidFace lift is suitable for the younger patient usually under 45 years, who has the typical aging changes of the cheeks with flattening of the cheeks, and also lower eyebags, deepening nasolabial folds, and early jowls. Patients who desire a more heart-shaped face or wish to avoid visible scars can achieve a natural rejuvenation with the ENDOTINE MidFace Lift, Cheek lift. The MidFace Lift is ideally suited for patients who have significant facial asymmetry following Bell’s palsy or facial nerve injury e.g. following surgery for Acoustic neuroma. In order to achieve the ideal balanced rejuvenation other procedures such as Browlift, Blepharoplasty – Eyebag surgery, Ribbon Neck Lift or Fat grafting may be suitable in combination with the ENDOTINE MidFace lift.
  • How is the Endotine Lift, Plastic Surgery Cheek Lift performed?
    The initial consultation will determine the goals of the Midface Lift, make note of any associated abnormalities or asymmetry and plan the optimum treatment to achieve the ideal result in each patient The Cheek Lift, ENDOTINE MidFace Lift is performed under a general anaesthetic or sedation – Twilight anaesthesia. Incisions are made in the scalp above the ear and in the mouth in the groove above the upper teeth. The midface soft tissues are elevated off the bones of the temple and cheek, allowing these to be lifted up to the desired position. The ENDOTINE MidFace device is then used to lift and secure the soft tissues providing the fullness and reshaping of the cheeks. The Cheek Lift using the ENDOTINE MidFace device is commonly combined with other rejuvenating procedures such as Browlift, Eyebag Surgery – Blepharoplasty, Ribbon Neck Lift.
  • Advantages of an ENDOTINE Mid-Face Lift, Cosmetic Cheek Lift Surgery
    • ADJUSTABLE ENDOTINE Midface implants allow for simple adjustments of tension and position for greater aesthetic control of cheek elevation and projection.
    • FAST The ENDOTINE Midface devices provide secure soft tissue fixation in five minutes or less in the hands of an experienced surgeon.
    • SECURE By distributing elevation forces over five tines, ENDOTINE multipoint technology takes fixation to a totally new level of security.
    • No need for removal, since the ENDOTINE Midface device absorbs over time.
  • What are the Side Effects, Risks?
    Some swelling and mild bruising of the cheeks is expected following the ENDOTINE Midface lift. Marked swelling or bruising is rare. Infection following the ENDOTINE MidFace lift is rare – a short course of antibiotics will be prescribed following the procedure. Numbness of the cheeks is expected and will normally recover after 4 – 6 weeks. Mild tenderness of the cheeks is expected and the Implant can be felt until it reabsorbs after 10 -12 weeks. Facial nerve weakness is rare and if occurs normally recovers in 4 – 6 weeks. Scarring in the scalp is expected to be minimally visible and uncommonly thickening of the scar may make this visible. Arnica tablets are recommended before your MidFace lift and for 2 weeks after to aid healing and reduce bruising and swelling.
  • How long do the results last following Endotine Lift, Plastic Surgery Cheek Lift?
    The restoration of youthful cheek shape and fullness following the ENDOTINE Midface lift is permanent but the aging process is not halted. The Cheek lift can turn back the clock by up to 10 years but it is important to realise that in order to maintain a youthful appearance a healthy lifestyle and other non-surgical treatments and skincare may be beneficial.
  • Can the Cosmetic Cheek Lift surgery be combined with other treatments, procedures?
    The MidFace Lift using the ENDOTINE Midface device or ENDOTINE Ribbon for midface rejuvenation can and is commonly combined with several other rejuvenation treatments and procedures. Skin rejuvenation with a combination of skin peels and LASER Photorejuvenation enhances the results and improves the skin tones following the MidFace lift. Browlift or Browpexy using the ENDOTINE Brow or Transblep device can rejuvenate the upper face, forehead while the Ribbon Neck lift provides lifting and tightening of the neck and jowls. Facial volume can be restored in conjunction with the Midface Lift using Fat Grafting or injectable products – Restilane SubQ, Evolance, or Laresse.

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