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Chin Enhancement

At our practice in London, Chin Augmentation, also known as Chin Enhancement or Chin Implants, is a Plastic Surgery operation to correct an under projecting chin and to achieve a natural, balanced, and pleasing appearance.

Chin Enhancement FAQ’s
  • What is Chin Augmentation, Chin Implant Surgery?
    Improving the facial balance is commonly performed by enhancing the Chin using an implant inserted through the mouth. The goal is to provide a suitable projection of the chin as well as the correct height of the chin which is in balance with the other facial features. The optimum balance is determined by the proportions of the upper, mid, and lower face, which is specific to men and women.
  • Am I the ideal patient for Chin Augmentation, Chin Implant Surgery?
    The ideal patients for Chin Augmentation are people with weak or receding chins (microgenia), but who have a normal dental bite.
  • Does Chin Augmentation Surgery require a general anaesthetic or hospitalisation?
    Chin Augmentation Surgery with a Chin Implant, is performed under general anaesthetic, commonly as a day-case procedure.
  • How long is the Chin Implant Surgery?
    Chin Augmentation Surgery normally takes approximately 1 hour to perform depending on the complexity of the surgery.
  • What about the scars following Chin Augmentation Surgery?
    The incision is placed in the lower gum of the lip and is therefore hidden inside the mouth. This incision heals well in 5 – 7 days.
  • Will a special garment be required after Chin Augmentation Surgery?
    Following Chin Augmentation Surgery, a facial support garment is fitted at the end of surgery to help control swelling and reduce movement post-operatively. This should be worn day and night for the first week.
  • Can Chin Augmentation Surgery be performed at the same time as other procedures?
    Yes, Chin Augmentation is commonly performed together with Rhinoplasty or other face surgery such as Facelift, Browlift, Cheek Augmentation or reduction as well as Breast Surgery, Augmentation, or Liposuction. What is appropriate and safe for you to combine will depend on your Medical Health, your goals, and the individual procedures.
  • What reassurance do I have with Chin Augmentation Surgery?
    At LBPS, we understand that your decision to have Chin Augmentation, Chin Implant Surgery can be a daunting and anxious time for you. Our aim is to fully understand your concerns and desires, and assess your face accurately, before agreeing on a treatment plan which is in your best interest. If for any reason you are unsuitable for Chin Augmentation Surgery, you will be advised against this form of surgery. We will provide you with all the information you need and support before, during, and after your surgery.
  • How long is the recovery time?
    Mild pain/discomfort is expected for 3 – 5 days. Patients can go back to their normal daily activities after 1 week, but avoid strenuous exercise/activity for 6 weeks including any contact sports.
  • What about the results of Chin Implant Surgery?
    The results are first and foremost natural. The goals of Chin Augmentation Surgery are to restore an aesthetically pleasing facial shape that is in balance with your facial features – i.e. looks natural and does not appear abnormal. Remember it can take 6 weeks or more for the final result to be achieved.
  • What are the risks of Chin Augmentation Surgery?
    Common to all surgical procedures there are always risks associated with surgery. However, complications are uncommon. Bruising can occur and may take 2 weeks to resolve, while major bleeding is rare. Infection is infrequent (less than 0.5%) and will require a course of appropriate antibiotics. Displacement of the implant can occur in the early postoperative course. This is prevented by avoiding pressure on the chin – sleeping, massaging the face, or excessive movement. Some altered sensation around the chin and lower lip is expected and will commonly return to normal between 6 to 12 weeks after surgery.
  • How long do the results last?
    The results of our London Chin Augmentation are permanent but please note that as you age your chin will change over the years. For example, the tissues around the chin will continue to be affected by the aging changes and gravity.
  • Is there an alternative to a Chin Augmentation, Chin Implant Surgery?
    Yes, if Chin Augmentation Surgery is not appropriate or not desired, non-surgical chin shaping using an injectable product such as EVOLENCE or Restylane can provide good improvement in the shape and balance of the face in a simple local anaesthetic treatment. This will require repeated treatments to maintain the desired result.
  • Why have Chin Augmentation, Chin Implant, Chin Enhancement?
    • Chin Augmentation is performed to reshape the chin, enhance prominence, and achieve a natural aesthetic appearance.
    • Reduce the size of the chin in a patient who feels and whose chin is larger than the normal range.
    • Improve the balance of the face with the forehead, nose, and chin.
    • Improve self-confidence especially in patients whose chin is small in relation to the other facial features.

    The normal chin is in balance with the forehead and nose. The aesthetics of the face requires that each part is in harmony with the others. Thus a chin that is very small (retruded, microgenia) detracts from the other normal features. A small chin can give the appearance that the nose is too big and commonly patients will have a Rhinoplasty to reduce the nose when Chin Augmentation would have been more suitable to restore the balance of the face. This imbalance can have a major impact on the psychological well-being of the patient. Patients can suffer low self-esteem and become withdrawn. Chin Augmentation, Chin Implant Surgery to enhance (augment) the chin aims to restore the balance and provide a natural aesthetic appearance.

    Remember Chin Augmentation, Chin Implant surgery will not change you or solve any life crises, but should boost your self-confidence and enjoyment of life. The type of operation required to achieve the best result for you will depend on the deformity(s) and your goals and will be discussed at the time of your Consultation.

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