When you book surgery at LBPS, you have a whole team supporting you and making the process as smooth as possible. From the reception taking the initial phone call, through to the nurses providing treatments before and after surgery and being on hand to answer any queries to the surgeon carrying out the surgery. It is a team working together to bring you the best possible care and attention.

Here is a testimonial we have just received by email from someone who has experienced just how many people help with the patient journey.

“I first heard of Dr. Christopher Inglefield and his team whilst researching Facial Feminization Surgery, and one of the first operations I wanted to have done was an upper & lower blephropasty to fix my saggy eyelids which were aging me far beyond my biological age of 41.

Being a surgery on the face, I didn’t want to risk going with just any surgeon and after months of researching I was positive I’d found the right one. I was not disappointed, The results already look amazing and I’m only 6 weeks post-op so have a few months before the scar tissue completely resolves but so far I’m very happy.

The Incisions Mr Inglefield made on both upper & lower eyelids are as close to perfect as you could wish for, and healed very well. As for my recovery, I was advised to hire a Hilotherm Unit for the first week and what a great piece of advice, I can honestly say my recovery was mildly uncomfortable and relatively pain free.

Thank you so much Christopher!

I’d also like to say a special thank you to Cheryl, Natalie, Mary, Hannah & Lynsey for making the whole experience at LBPS a comfortable and professional experience