Despite facing off stiff competition from one of the world’s most well know aesthetic brands, the injectable Bocouture from Merz Aesthetics has built upon its strong market position to become the first to achieve European clearance for the combined treatment of upper facial lines (UFL) including horizontal forehead lines (HFL), glabellar frown lines (GFL), and lateral cantonal lines (crow’s feet). This is a clear response to consumer demand and a delight to physicians throughout the continent who may have been treating patients off label.

Christopher Inglefield, medical director of London Bridge Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Clinic, was principle investigator for the U.K. arm of the UFL trial and a co-author.

“The UFL study is highly significant as it is the first and only randomised placebo-controlled study for the treatment of UFL, the combined treatment of GFL, HFL and LCL. This following this important study, Bocouture became licensed for the treatment of UCL as a whole. Physicians will therefore have the confidence that Bocouture is proven for this indication and they no longer have to be concerned about off-label use.”

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