Breast-augmentation revision surgery is a common plastic surgery procedure that many women all over the world undergo when they are not happy with the outcome of their breast augmentations. Read on to find out what the procedure is like and why it often involves changes to breast implants.

What Is Breast-Augmentation Revision?

Although many women who have undergone breast-augmentation surgeries are extremely satisfied with the results achieved, there are some who may not have the same experience. They may not be happy with how their breasts look after their surgery, or they may face some complications later on.

In such cases, a surgical procedure known as breast-augmentation revision is needed to correct the problems so patients can achieve their desired look. This procedure is quite versatile and can address a variety of issues.

It is important to understand that this kind of surgery is not a generic procedure but will instead be tailored and customized according to the unique conditions of the individual. Only then will the results be satisfactory. Therefore, it is critical that you choose to go to only a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon who understands your goals.

Why Breast-Augmentation Revision Is Needed and How Implants Are Affected

You may need breast-augmentation revision if you experience any of the following after you have undergone breast-augmentation surgery:

Your implants are bottoming out: The position of your implants may have dropped on your chest, making them look unnatural, with your nipples too high and your implants too low. The revision procedure for this is fairly simple and requires repositioning your implants and using a Strattice to secure them.

You need to fix capsular contracture: If you experience capsular contracture, then you will require breast-augmentation revision. A capsule of scar tissue naturally forms around implants, and if this capsule has hardened or become thicker, you may need to have part or all of it removed.

You want to hide your breast-implant ripples: If you are thin, ripples from your implants may be visible on the surface of your skin. Moving the position of the implants relative to the muscle tissue may be necessary. Strattice can also be used to pad the soft tissues.

You want smaller breasts: You may want breasts smaller than your original implants but bigger than your natural breasts. In such cases, you can remove the large implants from your chest and exchange them for smaller implants.

You need to get ruptured implants fixed: Sometimes, women experience leaking or rupturing with their breast implants, where significant damage is caused to the implants. The damaged implant can be removed and a new implant placed in the breast pocket.

Warranty coverage: Some women choose to undergo this procedure and have their breast implants replaced after a period of ten years, because after ten years, the warranty of the original implants no longer cover the costs for replacing the implants.

Learn More Information During a Consultation

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