Breast implant revision is usually performed either to correct health complications or unwanted results from your initial breast augmentation. When a patient is not satisfied with the outcome of augmentation surgery, she can come in for a revision surgery.

You may consider breast implant revision for a wide variety of reasons. If your breast implants have changed position, weight loss or gain has changed your breast tissue, or your silicone implant is leaking (this is found out through MRI or X-ray), this option may be right for you.

Other common implant issues experienced after breast augmentation include asymmetry (the uneven appearance of the breasts in terms of shape, size, or breast level), breast pain, breast implant deflation, extrusion (the appearance of the implant through the skin as a result of the skin breaking down), implant rippling/wrinkling, irritation/inflammation, and skin rash.

Women also come in for the surgery to change the size of their implants if they are unhappy with the results of the initial augmentation procedure. They may also be interested in changing the type (saline or silicone) of their implants.

Breast implants (both saline and silicone) have a limited product life. After that period, the implants will either have to be removed or replaced. Breast implant revision is also necessary in these cases.

The Breast Implant Revision Surgery

The processes used in breast implant revision surgery vary based on the issues it is being used to correct. However, there is a general way that you can expect the procedure to go. The surgery usually takes about a few hours. It is done in a surgical suite in a hospital, as an outpatient procedure.

You will first be given a general anesthetic. Your surgeon, if possible, will make the incision in the same place as that of the original incision. The places where the incision can be made include the crease below the breast, under the armpit, and around the areola.

If it is necessary for the existing implant to be replaced, it will be removed through the incision and a new one will be placed. The implant will be placed in the same area or a different one, based on the reason for the surgery.

For instance, if the surgery is being done to correct the breast level or because of capsular contracture in the existing location, then the implant will be placed in a different position. The implants can be placed under the breast tissue or under the chest muscle.

Once the issues are corrected, the surgeon will close the incision with stitches.

After the Breast Implant Revision Surgery

You will typically be able to return home within a few hours after the surgery. In some cases, if there is an infection or breast hardening, the patients will be asked to stay overnight in the hospital. Your surgeon may prescribe antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications, and it is important that you take them to avoid complications. There can be pain after the surgery, since the procedure may stretch the tissues. However, this discomfort should recede quickly.

You surgeon will inform you about the post-procedure care during your consultation. Rest is important. You will be required to keep arm extension to a minimum for the first few days. The gauze dressing will be removed after several days. You will have to wear a support bra after that. The stitches will come out within a week or two. Recovery varies from patient to patient.

Set Up a Consultation at Our Office

To learn more about your breast revision, you will first need to come in for an examination and consultation. During your consultation at London Bridge Plastic Surgery, your surgeon will create a surgical plan and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to set up your consultation.