Smoother, glowing, fresher skin… who wouldn’t wish for a perfect complexion!

However it’s alarming the lengths some people will go in the hope of achieving better looking skin.

People desperate to turn back the hands of time, are carrying out risky skin needling procedures at home in a bid to improve their complexion and look younger.

But this practice of DIY ‘derma rolling’ could lead to scarring and infection.

A device known as a derma-roller can be bought for as little as £2 on eBay. It’s a small cylinder gadget which has around 540 needles, some as long as 2.5mm in length.

The needle drum is rolled vigorously over the face or other parts of the body in a bid to smooth out wrinkles, dimples and stretch-marks. It works by causing trauma to the skin from making hundreds of holes, often drawing blood.

When done in professional settings, by medical experts in aesthetic clinics, derma-rolling or Intensive MicroNeedling Treatment (IMN)  can give good results and improve the skin.

Sterilised equipment is used, followed by strict aftercare guidelines. It’s a treatment we provide here and it can achieve really good results and make skin glow.

But derma rolling should not be carried out in the home. You may think you’re getting the same procedure for a fraction of the cost, but weigh up the risks.
A derma roller punctures the skin and can often lead to bleeding so you are leaving yourself open to infection and scarring. IMN is a procedure that should be carried out by a professional. You can’t be sure of the quality or cleanliness with a device bought over the internet.

When performed in a clinic, IMN​ can rejuvenate collagen, repair skin and reduce lines and wrinkles.

Other benefits include skin freshening, skin tightening, scar improvement, stretch-mark improvement and enhanced skin texture and colour.

It works by causing a controlled injury that stimulates the healing process resulting in new collagen and new tissue formation.

A series of treatments, as many as five, are recommended and carried out six weeks apart to give optimum results.

People who suffer from hypertrophic or keloid scars, however, should not have the procedure as it could cause an eruption of new scar tissue forming.

Derma-roller devices bought off eBay, and other online retail sites, often come from countries like China.

It’s not known whether they are sterilized or if they’re made from the metals the manufacturers claim they are made from. Yet thousands are listed as being sold from dozens of sellers.

Meanwhile, hundreds of how-to videos on youtube show people documenting their DIY derma-roller experiences. We really would urge you not to follow suit.