LBPS have been offering the EndyMed’s revolutionary treatment for many years and have the most experience of this technology within the UK, delivering amazing results to hundreds of happy patients. Now pulling ahead of the RF-based microneedling pack even further is the recently released Intensif handpiece.

The Intensif handpiece works with the firm’s EndyMed 3DEEP aesthetic platform, which employs RF-based technology for a variety of handpieces that are adapted for different applications and treatment areas. Intensif can achieve cylindrical micro zones of coagulation in the papillary and reticular dermis with minimal damage to the epidermis. An array of 25 gold-plated microdiameter needles works in fractional pulse mode, delivering energy in a small pattern and supplying a continuous distribution of power. The needles are inserted into the skin via a specially designed smooth-motion motor that is electronically controlled to minimize patient discomfort.

Depth of needle penetration, energy level and pulse duration may be adjusted on the fly, which gives the practitioner complete control over the treatment. Furthermore, RF emission delivered across the entire dermal portion of the needle allows bulk volumetric heating for effective coagulation, resulting in minimal or no bleeding.

Using Intensif, LBPS can treat all skin types without the risks sometimes associated with other technologies, allowing a broadened range of patients that can be treated. The Intensif can be used to treat both the body and the face and has proved particularly successful in the treatment of skin laxity and ageing texture on the neck.

David Goldberg, M.D., a cosmetic dermatologist in New York City, N.Y., also employs Intensif for skin tightening, “Specifically in darker skin types, such as Asian, Latino and African American,” he reported. “Additionally, it is undoubtedly the treatment of choice for acne scarring. It’s somewhat different from other devices because the current is delivered across the entire needle. It is like a 3DEEP Pro system on steroids. These needles penetrate into the skin, therefore with one application you’re going to obtain results similar to what might take four or more treatments with other devices”

For Michael H. Gold, M.D., director of the Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville, Tenn., this product is a useful evolution of microneedling. “Intensif has been designed exceptionally well, with gold plated needles that are mechanically driven, precise and accurate. They give us exactly the result we are looking for every time,” he stated.

Dr. Gold also recognized how well Intensif helps to correct acne scars and traumatic scars. “If you can improve the look of scars then wrinkle reduction is easy,” he shared. “If you want to achieve a skin rejuvenation effect, you can get really nice changes in the texture, tone and quality of the face and neck. We recently did a study of Intensif with a couple of other clinics and we found that we achieve a lifting effect with it as well. Not only do we produce the texture changes when we treat, we obtain tightening that is really impressive in a lot of patients.”

For Harold Lancer, M.D., F.A.A.D., a dermatologist in Beverly Hills, Calif., Intensif is a popular treatment for submental tightening of the neck skin. “We use it for post-surgical periumbilical tightening of tissue,” he began. “It is useful for tightening some of the laxity that is created in the liposculpting world and is also often used to correct flaws that are either natural or created by other procedures.” According to Dr. Lancer, Intensif excels because of the strong RF component it adds to the EndyMed platform. For physicians looking to avoid using lasers, but wanting to achieve similar results, Intensif is as good, but does not involve the patient pain and downtime usually linked with those modalities, according to users.

The bottom line is that Intensif delivers high patient satisfaction. Patients are very pleased with the outcome and are always ready to do the next treatment. Even after the first session, many of them are so surprised at how much better their skin feels and looks. At LBPS we have seen impressive results from a single session. Usually we tell patients to expect three to five applications and they come back after one and say they’ve observed good results. In addition, the downtime is very tolerable.

Intensif really does provide consistently good outcomes for our patients. We have the ability to treat all skin types, use it for a variety of skin conditions and ultimately end up with happy patients.

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