Rise of the ‘ear job’ Listen up! Ears sagging from heavy earrings can age you, say surgeons now offering cosmetic fixes. When you examine yourself in the mirror for signs of ageing, I bet it’s not your ears you’re looking at. Yet the earlobe is finding itself in the anti-ageing spotlight as it emerges that more and more cosmetic surgeons are doing a quick bit of work on the ears — often in conjunction with a facelift, but sometimes just on their own. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (BAAPS) even featured a presentation on earlobe correction at their recent conference. David Gault, earlobe repair, single from £1,200, both from £1,600, davidgault.co.uk; London Bridge Plastic Surgery earlobe reduction, £2,400, lbps.co.uk; Harley Street Skin Clinic, harleystreetskin.co.uk